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Category: TREKKING
Duration: 7 days
Price from: 990 €



For any further information, feel free to contact Anais +33 4 50 53 92 78 or


For more information, contact Anaïs : +33 (0)4 50 53 92 78
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Hiking boots
- Ankle supporting boots with notched technical rubber sole (i.e. VIBRAM).
- We strongly recommend wearing new boots to break them in before the hike.
- To avoid blisters, try rubbing baby talc on dry feet before using boots (sprinkling talc inside boot works too.
- Minimum size recommended 30 L (bigger is better than too small).
- Take out lunch should still fit after packing for the day.
- Bad weather precaution: pack covers are great to protect pack from rain or snow. We also recommend packing your belongings in a large and solid plastic bag (i.e. garbage bag) for a better protection in case of heavy rainfall.
A solid travel bag (suitcase, framed duffle bag), weighing 33 lbs (15 kg) at the most.
 Avoid using cotton underwear. Compared to technical synthetic material, it is heavier and it dries slowly. Wool is also getting popular amongst sportswear brands. Synthetic and wool are warmer; they dry fast, and allow you to pack light (you can easily wash a piece of underwear in the sink as you arrive at the mountain inn/hut. It will be dry before you finish your first beer!).

1 long-sleeve shirt + 1 T-shirt (both synthetic)
- 1 polar + 1 light down jacket (or a second fleece)
- 1 pair of shorts + 1 pair of hiking pants
- 1 pair of synthetic hiking socks
- 1 Gore-tex jacket
- Sun hat or ball cap, sunscreen, sunglasses, lip protection
- 1 warm hat, a pair of gloves
- 1 water bottle (1.5 quart to 2 quarts minimum) + 1 pocket knife + 1 "spork"
- 1 pair of telescopic poles

Sets of change : (prefer synthetic) - Light clothes for the evening
- 1 pair of comfortable shoes for the evening
- one-person sheet (sleeping bag liner)
- Shower kit ***
- Pocket light of head-lamp
- Personal first aid kit **
- ID card or valid passport + small change/bills for personal expenses
- A small amount of laundry detergent
- Optional: camera, binoculars, umbrella etc …
** Elastoplast (stretchable strapping tape), band-aids, second skin, medicine for common aches and pains (diarrhea, headaches, sore throat …). Do not forget to bring your personal prescription treatment if you have one. Mountain leaders also carry a complete first aid kit. Remember that packing light is essential.
*** Some destinations include a night in a dormitory: bring a small towel, a one-person sleep-sheet (silk is comfortable and remains the lightest), and ear-plugs ...


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