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Duration: Half a day
Price from: 53 €


Whitewater swimming is an outdoor sports activity in which swimmers descend the course of a river, using a float whilst propelling and directing themselves using flippers.
The instructor gives you information on how to handle the equipment, how to start in the current, how to progress and how to stop. 45 min on the water to play with the counter-currents.

This activity requires a minimum level of water, usually found from mid-June to mid-September depending on the temperatures. Naturally, the water level is regulated by the melting of the glaciers.
45 min on the water, 6 km of descent. Ideal for a first experience of swimming in white water.

Welcome to our rafting base every day throughout summer at the foot of Mont-Blanc.


2020 Price
53€ per person

Further information

Hydrospeed on the Arve

Swim down the river Arve (about 6km) using specialised equipment (float and flippers),
Learn how to swim against the current !
Duration : 45 minutes in the water.



Do not forget :
- Swimsuit
- Towel

For more information, contact : +33 (0)4 50 53 55 70 Request Information

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