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Duration: 11 days
Price from: 4 300 €


From  1st to 11th of November 2019
Lightweight pack - 11 days - Tanzania
Tanzania is an East African country that lies to the south of Kenya.
The languages spoken here are Swahili and English.
Politically stable, Tanzania is a republic. Its capital city is Dodoma and the country has some 51 million inhabitants, most of whom are Catholic. It is a large producer of coffee, bananas and numerous kinds of exotic fruits.
Kilimanjaro lies entirely within Tanzania.
The Lemosho route is a pleasant circuit from which to discover Kilimanjaro from the west. We cross the Lemosho Glades and the Shira plateau on our way to the Lava Tower, which we climb and from where we are afforded superb panoramic views. From the Lava Tower we walk up the Arrow glacier, where we spend the night, before tackling the difficult morning ascent of the Western Breach. The breach leads us to the interior of the crater before finally reaching Uhuru peak, the roof of Africa! Uhuru Peak means ‘freedom peak’ and is the local name for Kilimanjaro.
We spend on average six hours a day walking with lightweight packs. We are totally isolated here, with changing conditions and terrain, and it is important that each team member is as well-equipped as possible. Our nights during the trek are spent in tents.


Day 1: Arrive in Tanzania. Transfer to the village of Mbahe
Our guide meets us at Kilimanjaro International Airport and takes us to the village of Mbahe (around 2 hours drive) where we stay the night in local cottages. Our meal consists in locally grown vegetables and fruits.
Day 2: Mbahe farm cottages
Make the most of the morning to relax after the previous day’s journey. Taste the delicious local coffee, which is planted, harvested and roasted on site. Your guides will go through the climb with you and check your equipment. Take a walk around the village in the afternoon, on your own or with a guide, and visit the Mtuy family farm and learn about Chagga agriculture. You can also swim in the Moojo river and enjoy its waterfalls!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 3: ‘Londorossi Gate’ (2100m) to ‘Big tree’ camp (2650m)
After breakfast we drive to the Londorossi Gate where we meet the team that will accompany us on our ascent. We enter the Kilimanjaro National Park. From the start, we follow the path through dense, montane rainforest to our campsite for the night. The path takes us past superb flora, and with luck we may also see a species of primate called a mantled guereza and perhaps even some elephants. In the evening we will hear the unforgettable cry of the southern tree hyrax, a species of nocturnal mammal.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 4: ‘Big tree’ camp (2650m) to ‘Shira 1’ camp (3480m)
We reach the slopes on the western side of the Shira plateau in a six-hour walk. Taking our time as we make our ascent gives us the opportunity to observe the mountain flora and fauna. We hike through montane rainforest, a transition zone, and moorland, littered with volcanic rock and its tall grasses and heather bearded with lichen. Your guides will describe the different zones and explain the environmental distinctions that characterise them. After a picnic lunch we arrive at the edge of the plateau and our camp, from where there are spectacular views of Kilimanjaro and its glacier.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 5: ‘Shira 1’ camp (3480m) to ‘Shira 2’ camp (3885m)
The gentler pace of the day’s walk (4-5 hours) allows us to progressively acclimatise. The camp lies higher up on the Shira Plateau with even more impressive views of Kilimanjaro. The walk in the afternoon allows us to marvel at the giant lobelias and giant grounsels that grow at these altitudes.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 6: ‘Shira 2’ camp (3885m) to ‘Lava Tower’ camp (4640m)
This is an important day for our acclimatisation. We are walking for five to six hours at over 4500 metres. We pass through alpine moorland where the plant life, such as lichens, tall grasses and heather, become increasingly sparse, to reach the desert zone. After a break in the early afternoon, we climb the Lava Tower via a route that is exclusive to our local guiding agency. This climb is great preparation for the climb the following day.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 7: ‘Lava Tower’ camp (4640m) to ‘Karanga’ camp (4040m)
After an initial descent from the Lava Tower camp, we scale the Barranco Wall. This is not too steep but presents a good challenge and our guides ensure the route is safe and accessible for all team members by descending it ‘pole pole’ (Swahili for ‘slowly’). From the top of the wall we are afforded breathtaking views of the Heim glacier.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 8: ‘Karanga’ camp (4040m) to ‘Barafu’ camp (4680m)
The hike starts with a path that becomes progressively tougher. The temperatures up here are cooler and the landscapes more barren as we approach ‘Barafu’ (Swahili for ‘ice’) camp. We are walking for around four to five hours. The campsite - the staging area for our assault on the summit - lies on an exposed ridge. After dinner we talk about the route and prepare our equipment before getting some rest. At midnight, and ideally under the glow from the stars and the moon, we start our final climb to reach Uhuru Peak.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 9: ‘Barafu’ camp (4680m) to Uhuru Peak (5895m) to ‘Millennium’ camp (3820m)
We climb up the winding slopes ‘pole pole’, stopping to eat and drink and make the most of the trek to the summit, which we reach at around 8am. In the morning, before the clouds come in, we are afforded spectacular views across Africa in all direction. After 20-30 minutes on the summit, the time for some tea and snacks and taking photos, we walk back down to Barafu camp in around two to three hours. Here we have lunch and rest before collecting our things. We continue our descent for some three to four hours until the edge of the Mweka forest and our last night, 2000m below the summit! Here we can eat, share our experiences and sleep deeply. Congratulations! You have set foot on the roof of Africa!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 10: ‘Millennium’ camp (3820m) to the start of the Mweka route (1640m). Return to the Mbahe cottages
Our final day consists in a descent of over 2000m and four to five hours hiking to reach the path of the Mweka route. The path has steep sections and can be slippery if the ground is wet. Once we reach the start of the Mweka route we temporarily leave the team that accompanied us throughout our ascent and enjoy a relaxing and hearty picnic. Our guides take us to the Mbahe cottages for hot showers and a celebratory dinner with the whole team.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Day 11: Mbahe cottages - flight home
Rest and relaxation are the order of the day. Transfer to the airport and flights home.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Depending on the conditions, your guide or mountain leader may have to change the programme.


Prices 2019: 4300€ per person (for group of 4-6 people)
The price for this trip was calculated on 01/11/17 based on exchange rates and costs known at the time and may be subject to change between now and the departure date.
All accommodation as specified.
All meals as specified.
All drinks in Mbahe, bottle of water or filtered water (Katadyn Expedition filtration system), coffee, tea, chocolate during the trek.
Agency fees, mountain guides, team of porters.
Entry into the Kilimanjaro National Park, camping and rescue fees.
All camping equipment (except camping mat and sleeping bag).
Cleanwaste portable toilets in every camp.
Portable hyperbaric chamber and oxygen.
Return trips to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport, and to the park entrance. A guide in Mbahe for tours in and around the village.
Airport taxes.
Tips for agents, mountain guides, team of porters and other staff members. Allow $30 per climber per trekking day.
Any additional accommodation and meals that may be required during transfers to airports, if the climb is not completed, if the ascent finishes earlier than scheduled, or for any other reason.
Travel insurance.
Passport and visa fees.
Supplement for an individual tent (350 euros).
Anything not covered by the price includes list.
Reservation: by payment of 30% deposit made payable to the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix.
Insurance: Participants must have mountain sports insurance with repatriation cover. We strongly recommend that this also include cancellation cover.
We offer cancellation cover at a cost of 2.75% of the total cost of the trip plus insurance including repatriation and search and rescue cover at a cost of 2.28% of the cost of the trip. Rescue and repatriation insurance are obligatory. You can take out personal cover but you must give us the name of your insurer, your contract number, 24hr emergency number and amount covered by your search and rescue cover.
- Passport valid for a minimum of six months after the return date. You must obtain a visa from the embassy before your departure (around 50 euros).

Further information

Compagnie des guides ‘extras’

  • The trip is led by a French mountain guide as well as an experienced team of local guides.
  • Our local agents specialise in ascents of Kilimanjaro.
  • The route we use is less busy and longer than the normal route, which allows for a gentler ascent with better acclimatisation, and optimises our chances of success.
  • Most of the meals are prepared using fresh produce.
  • Our team of porters means you can travel with a lightweight pack with only what you need for the day.

Additional information
Ability level: Very competent walker. Walking days of between four to eight hours with a lightweight pack. The main difficulty comes from the altitude, with the ascent day being particularly sustained (around 12 to 14 hours of walking).
Group: The group is made up of four to six people. This small group size ensures we provide a high-quality service and a friendly atmosphere.
We do not accept group bookings for people under 18.
Accommodation: 2 nights in a lodge, 7 nights in a tent, 1 night in a hotel
Equipment: A complete dossier including kit list and administrative formalities will be sent out after registration.
Flights: We work with a Chamonix-based travel agency. Return flights in economy class with KLM (excluding insurance) cost around 1200 euros per person.
We are happy to assist you with buying these tickets.
2019 dates:  1st  to 11th of  November 2019
Meet: Amsterdam airport

For more information, contact Laurence : +33 (0)4 50 53 94 32 Request Information
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