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Category: Mini wolf ages 4-7
Duration: Half a day
Price from: 50 €


2h00 the session (2h30 charged)
Meeting 15 minutes before and arrival up to 30 minutes late
Meeting CDG: morning 9h15-11h30
                           afternoon 14h15-16h30
Hot drink + little surprise
Equipment in the bus: blankets, survival blankets, thermos hot chocolate, shovel, sledges, sledges to transport  equipment or young children
ROOM: “Tour de rôle” room if cold. Welcome outside or corridor Compagnie.

Monday morning: The Ice Age
We will try to build an igloo so to have our snack under a shelter. On our programme: snow sculptures, snow castles, free your imagination…
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, departure by bus to Paradis des Praz. Building of an igloo basecamp.
Equipment: shovels, saws, blankets, food toys (plastic fruit, vegetables??)
Monday afternoon: Mini young mountaineers
Just like the best mountaineers, we will be roped to each other and equipped so to look after each other, for a totally safe walk. (Bring snowshoes)
Entertainment ideas: Désert blanc. Telling the history of mountaineers, the Mont-Blanc… And we will come back with Balmat’s mountain pole… Maybe…
Equipment: rope, ice axe, spikes, pictures of glaciers…
Tuesday Morning: let’s have a walk in the woods… while the wolf is not there
Walk looking for animal prints.
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, departure by bus to the foret des Bois. Gathering as much evidence as possible, taking pictures of the evidence, hiding as animals do… Meeting sheeps at the farm, sledge dogs.
Equipment: camera, evidence box
Tuesday Afternoon: the funny roped party
We will need to crawl, jump, slide to cross the enchanted forest. We will follow a snow route to have fun…
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, where: Moraine d’Argentière (sculpture workshop, sledge track workshop, snowball workshop…)
Equipment: cone, pins, hoops, figurines, banners…
Wednesday Morning: a chocolate avalanche
What is an avalanche? Introduction to the use of an avalanche transceiver / DVA to find a chocolate treasure.
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, departure by bus to Montroc, then walk to Tréléchamps. Observing the mountains and look for avalanche corridors. DVA game to find the buried chocolate box.
Equipment: 2 DVAs, metal box, chocolate, shovel, probe, cards with emergency instructions for the kids
Thursday morning: my snowman!
I have a carrot nose, pebble eyes, branch arms, a big belly… Who am I? What about making a snowmen family for our souvenir photo…!
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, where: to define
Equipment: shovel, scarf, carrots, pebbles, branches, hat…
Thursday afternoon: Santa’s ponys…
Some say that they carried Santa’s sledge. Who? Sam et Bainou, the ponys of the cold, and they will accompany us for a walk.
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, walk to meet Sam and Bainou, into their pen, walk with and on the ponys.
Equipment: helmet
Friday morning: Winter Olympic Games
Fun multi-activities to play in the snow and win a medal!
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, Olympic workshop: where: les Houches or desert blanc. Workshop: timed slalom - workshop 2: jump in the hoops - workshop 3: point the target with snowballs - workshop 4: body curling - workshop 5: descent by sledge… Earn some points and a medal!
Equipment: hoops, pins, sledges, poles…
Friday afternoon: treasure hunt “the crystals of Chamonix”
They say that sparkling treasures are hidden in the mountains of Chamonix… Thanks to our map and our evidence, let’s go hunting for the guides’ treasure!
Entertainment ideas: meeting CDG, Chavants
Equipment: plastic card.


Adapted equipment (ski suit, snow boots, gloves (2 pairs if possible), hat , sunglasses,… small backpack, snacks,… allergies?

55 euro the half-day or 50 euro for more than 3 half-days.

Further information

Retrouvez dans cette rubrique, l’ensemble des informations concernant cette activité. Pour des renseignements complémentaires, prenez contact avec nos conseillers (coordonnées ci-dessus).
Durée : De 9h15 à 11h30 et de 14h15 à 16h30

Lieu : Dans la vallée de Chamonix

Level : The Cham kid is aimed at children aged 8 to 12 able to respect instructions, live independently in a group and practice sports activities normally


En plus des vêtements habituels pour la pratique des sports d'hiver, les enfants doivent avoir le matériel suivant :

- Lunettes de soleil
- Crème solaire
- Sac à dos
- Gourde mini 1L

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