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Category: EARTH
Duration: Half a day
Price from: 43 €


Whether you're a beginner or an advanced climber, the Gaillands climbing school will help you to improve your technique and introduce you to some new sensations enabling you to go higher in altitude and difficulty.
if there is a mythical place of climbing it is here. The rocks of Gaillands have been frequented, equipped and maintained for more than 80 years by the guides of the Company.
It was in 1927 that the guide Alfred Couttet said "Champion" he had for the first time the idea of exerting his balance, flexibility and physical strength on this compact rock.
Today, the guides perpetuate this tradition in the natural and enchanting setting of the lakes and the forest of Gaillands,
facing the Mont Blanc, offering a pedagogy adapted to each person.


The group formula associates people who do not necessarily know each other. It is ideal for people looking for group friendliness and attractive prices.

Dates 2021 (group formula): Every day in July and August.

Meeting Point (group formula) : 15 minutes in advance at the Compagnie des guides in Argentiere
Supervision (group formula): Group of 6 people maximum per guide. 
Children, minimum 5 years old.

Hours (group formula) : 9 to 12am

Prices 2021 (group formula):
3 hours session: 49€ per person
6 sessions of 3 hours : 258€

Included in the price
- Mountain guide or climbing instructor service.
- Transfer to the climbing spot
- Technical equipment (harness & helmet)

Not included in the price
- Rock climbing shoes
- Snack and water

Group: The group is assured with a minimum of 4 people.
Maximum 6 people per guide.


The private engagement is a historical relationship that binds a guide to their clients. It allows you to be either alone or in a group of friends with your guide. Your guide can organize your trip to meet your specific needs. It is undoubtedly the ideal formula to realize your projects because it guarantees you a maximum of comfort.
For a private engagement, the reservation is made by phone or email only.

Dates 2021 (private engagement) : Every day from June to September.

Meeting Point (private engagement): Fixed the evening before with your guide.

Supervision (private engagement): Group of 1 - 6 people per guide.
Children, minimum 5 years old

Price 2021 (private engagement) :
55€ per hour for the group. Minimum 2 hours
- 1/2 day : 225€ for the group
- Day : 355€ for the group,

Included in the price :
- Mountain guides service.
Not included in the price:
- Your equipment,
- Transfer
- Food.

Further information

Duration: 3 hours

Area of activity : Around Argentiere area

Level : It is essential to choose a destination that is adapted to your level in order for you to get the maximum out of your outing. Rock climbing in les Gaillands is designed for people who want to discover the activity or improve their climbing skills.

Kids / Teens / Adults : Whether it's a discovery of the activity, a real training, or a process of progression to then discover the faces and rocky ridges of the surrounding massifs, the Climbing School of Gaillands allows teens to practice an outdoor activity where the surpassing of oneself is not a vain word!


You will find in this section all the information about the different equipment that is required. Since weather conditions can be very variable, it is better to have several thin layers rather than to have one big garment.

- Back pack
- Harness
- Helmet
- Rock climbing shoes
- Sport shoes

- Classic clothing adapted for sport.  

- A pair of sun glasses category 4
- High protection sun cream
- A water bottle that contains a minimum 1,5 L
- Snacks

Partners : There is the possibility to rent your equipment at a preferential price from one of our partner sports shops. Sanglard Sports, Ravanel & CoConcept Pro Shop

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