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Duration: 2 days
Price from: 195 €


Join us for a memorable winter overnight stay in the great alpine outdoors! An opportunity to spend a weekend in a secret place, facing the Mont-Blanc. You will learn and master all winter camping basics, including:
- Setting up winter-adapted teepee tents
- Dealing with cold and learning simple protection techniques
- Making a fire in winter. Choosing wood and learning tricks
- Finding water and making it suitable for drinking
- Preparing meals in a winter outdoor environment
- Orienting yourself and practicing using orientation devices

This weekend is a good way to train yourself for multi-day winter treks without assistance.


Day 1 : Camp setup
Meeting at 9 am at the Compagnie des Guides office in Chamonix.  After a quick transfer to our starting point we will dispatch our equipment on the gear sleds. We are ready to start our snowshoe hike to reach at our campsite for the night. It is now time to set up the camp to spend a comfortable night out. In the evening, we will continue our nordic adventure and discover the surrounding environment during a short snowshoe hike, before diving in our sleeping bags for a night our comfortable tent.
Day 2 : Morning hike - Packing up the camp
This morning, the hardest part will be to leave our cosy sleeping bags! After eating a hearty breakfast, we head out for a light packed snowshoe hike. The setting offers one of the most remarkable showshoe terrain in the area.  Later in the afternoon we pack up our camp and slowly head back down. We will be back in Chamonix around 4 pm.


Guides and leaders may have to adapt program and hiking route to weather/terrain conditions and according to group hiking skills.


There is no group-session for this bivouac. Please contact us for private tour.


You are a private group, you can ask for a customized trip.

- Exclusive guide

A more individualized relationship between your group and the professional.

- Choose your date of departure
You can choose your date of departure within the limit of the hut availabilities.

- Flexibility all along the trip
Depending on weather conditions, your level and your expectations, the guide can suggest you some different options of itinerary.

For any further information, please contact Anaïs :
Tel : +33 4 50 53 92 78 or Email :

Further information

Meet at 9.00 am at the Compagnie des Guides office in Chamonix.

4/5: Strenuous trek. This course required a good physical condition and a good equipment.
Good snowshoeing or trekking experience required.
Each mountain leader can guides a group from 5 to 6 people. The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix's guiding policy is one of the strictest in the mountain guiding business. It guarantees the most balanced groups as possible as well as high-quality personalised advice.
One night under tent.
Participants must have an insurance with repatriation cover. Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. You can take out insurance offering both of these types of cover when you sign up. Participants must also take valid ID with them.


Dressing equipement
- 1 wool or fleece beanie hat
- 1 light fleece balaclava hat
- Sunscreen, lip protection
- Sun glasses(protection 4)
- 1 pair of fleece gloves
- 1 pair of warm and waterproof ski gloves
- 2 synthetic or wool (e.i merinos) short sleeve Tshirts
- 1 synthetic or wool long-sleeve shirts
- 1 polar fleece sweater/jacket
- 1 thick warm fleece or down jacket
- 1 waterproof jacket (e.i « Goretex »)
- 1 pair of warm, waterproof, winter-adapted and ankle-supporting hiking boots
- 1 pair of slippers or light tennis shoes for the bivouac 
- 2 pairs of warm ski socks (synthetic or wool)
- 1 pairs of long underwear (synthetic or wool)
- 1 pair of light fleece trousers
- 1 pair of waterproof trousers
- 1 pair of gaiters

Back pack and sleeping equipment
- A 50 L back-pack in good condition (please check adjusting straps and buckles)
- 1 waterproof pack-cover
- 1 large protection plastic bag for packing items inside the pack
- 1 light camping mattress (e.i Thermarest)
- 1 thick survival blanket made of plastic
- 1 SILK or fleece sleeping sheet (NO COTTON)
- 1 warm winter sleeping bag (- 5 °C temp minimum)
- 2 L of water
- Toilet paper
- 1 small cleaning kit (disposibles wipes)
- 1 head lamp or small pocket light
- 1 Food kit: 1 plate, 1 cup,1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 pocket knife                                                                     
Clothing : Important ! Because it is extremely long to dry, avoid cotton at all costs. We highly recommend synthetic clothing materials or whool.
At time of packing, please pay extra attention to the choice of equipment, and keep in mind that you will carry most of it for several days. There are simple and smart ways to reduce weight. To increase carrying comfort, chose the right pack size for the trip and pack down your gear well. Good pack size and weight should not exceed 9 kg/ 20 lbs.

A 10€ discount voucher coming from the shop Au Vieux Campeur will be given to the first 500 clients from the ‘Cie des Guides’ (voucher to be collected at our office). Closest shop ‘Au Vieux Campeur’ : Sallanches.

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