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Fund for the environment

Educate – Protect – Restore

On 24 July 2021, the Compagnie’s 200th birthday, we created FOEHN, a fund for the environment and mountain wildlife. Its mission is to support environmental initiatives with particular focus on the mountain environment to help make the Pays du Mont Blanc a sustainable and attractive region to visit, and driving force for environmentally responsible behaviour.

The initiatives supported by FOEHN cover three themes: education, protection and restoration. Examples of its work include establishing teaching programmes, and supporting research and ecosystem restoration.



Educate – 2022 | UPM Team: ‘Understanding and Protecting the Mountains’

Funding for a free education programme to help children in the Chamonix valley aged 10-12 explore and learn about the mountain environment. Lead by mountain and education professionals, the ‘Understanding and Protecting the Mountains’ team teaches children every Saturday from March to June about the mountain environment, the species that live there and the habitats that make it up. They are also taught about the issues facing the Chamonix valley as a result of global warming.

Educate – 2023 | Maintaining and enlarging the UPM Team

Support for the ‘Understanding and Protecting the Mountains’ team is to be strengthened. The programme is to be extended and the team increased to cater for children in Saint Gervais-Les Contamines.