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Hiking Around the Fiz

Duration: 3 days

Level 1: You have never practiced.

Level 2: You have some initial experience.

Level 3: You practice occasionally.

Level 4: You practice regularly.

Level 5: You have a sustained practice.

Price from: 315€
For more information, contact Pôle Randonnée :
General information

Often unknown, the Fiz mountain chain neighbours the Mont Blanc Massif. Untouched and preserved, it has an astonishing diversity of landscapes, including lakes, cliffs, limestone pavements, mountain pastures, waterfalls and water streams… Featuring two nature reserves, the flourishing flora and fauna are protected here, and it is easy to spot ibex, chamois, marmots and Alpine flowers. Enjoy three days of hiking in a sumptuous setting out of time. Two nights in traditional, welcoming huts will complete our mountain immersion.

Benefit from the knowledge of our mountain leaders without worrying about the logistics. We will carry all our belongings in our backpacks to make the most of the mountains. Accommodation in mountain huts. Nights in dormitories. Food provided by the huts.

Group booking

The collective formula associates several people who do not necessarily know each other. It allows for a planned program to benefit from an attractive price on fixed dates. This formula is ideal for people looking for the friendliness of a group.

Dates : See below for the group booking module

Price 2024 : 370€ per person - based on a minimum of 5 participants

This price includes :
- the organization and supervision by a state qualified trekking guide

- 2 nights half-board in mountain huts in dormitory (diner, breakfast and night)
- Picnic lunches

Not included in the price :
- drinks and personal expenditure (souvenirs…)
- repatriation insurance (compulsory). Cancellation Insurance highly reccommended

Private booking

A private booking is the historical relationship that binds a mountain leader to their clients. It allows you to be alone or in your own group with your mountain leader who will meet your specific needs.It is undoubtedly the ideal formula realise your projects because it guarentees you a maximum amount of comfort. You are free to choose your departure date (subject to the availability in the accommodation). Depending on the weather conditions, the proposed route can be adjusted according to your level and expectations, the professional can suggest alternatives to the itinerary.

Prices 2024 :
1 person : 1680€ per person | 7 people : 405€ par person
2 people : 935€ par person | 8 people : 380€ par person
3 people : 690€ par person | 9 people : 360€ par person
4 people : 565€ par person | 10 people : 340€ par person
5 people : 490€ par person | 11 people : 330€ par person
6 people : 440€ par person | 12 people : 315€ par person

The price includes:
- the organization and supervision by a state qualified trekking guide,
- 2 nights half-board in mountain huts in dormitory (diner, breakfast and night)
- Picnic lunches

Not included in the price :
- drinks and personal expenditure (souvenirs…)
- repatriation insurance (compulsory). Cancellation Insurance highly reccommended)


Further information

In this section, find all the information about this activity. For further information, please contact our advisor (contact details above).

Meeting point : Meet at 8.30 am at Plaine-Joux parking in the commune of Passy (74190).

Ability level : 3/5 - The Fiz Tour is a trek of moderate difficulty. A minimum of 700m (2350ft) and a maximum of 1300m (4265ft) vertical gain and about 5 to 7 hours of hiking daily. Hiking on generally well-maintained mountain trails, sometimes including out-of-trail sections. For active people who do not mind training to prepare for the hike and practice sport regularly. A great multiday hike for people with trekking experience.

Guiding policy : minimum 5 and maximum 12 people per guide. The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix's guiding policy is one of the strictest in the mountain guiding business. It guarantees the most balanced groups as possible as well as high-quality personalised advice.
Important : Registration possible from 14 years of age. Registration is not permitted  to anyone under the age of 18 without a legal guardian.

Accomodation :
- During the trip : 2 nights in mountain huts (in dormitories). Each hiker carries all their personal belongings and picnics throughout the entire trek. No showers in the mountain huts.

- Before & after the trip : benefit from preferential prices from our partner hotels in Chamonix. If you wish to receive information just ask the Randonnée department.

Documentation :
- Participants must have sports insurance with repatriation cover. We strongly recommend that this also includes cancellation cover. You can take out insurance offering both of these types of cover when you sign up.
- Participants must also take valid ID with them.

Preparing for the trip : There is an information meeting with your mountain leader the day before departure at 6pm at the Compagnie des Guides Office.


We recommend that you take particular care in choosing your equipment because it greatly contributes to the success of your stay. As alpine climatic conditions can be very variable with sudden changes, it can get very cold very quickly at altitude, it is better to stack thin layers rather than having one big piece of clothing. It is not uncommon to have snow in the middle of summer, do not skip warm clothes, even if the weather seems favourable. Conversely, the sun can be scorching hot. Without weighing it down, you should always have enough in your backpack to deal with capricious and severe weather.
- A backpack with a capacity of at least 40 litres (better too big than too small). Make sure you have enough space for the picnic. A small tip in case it rains : even if you have a backpack cover, always protect your belongings in a plastic bag (a big rubbish bag) inside your backpack. Your bag should not exceed 9 kg.
- A pair of high-top hiking boots with Vibram soles. For new shoes, make them fit your foot first by wearing them front. If you are prone to blisters: talcum powder applied to dry feet and in the shoe in the morning.

For more comfort regarding underwear (T-shirts, boxers, socks), avoid cotton which is heavy, cold and dries very slowly. Opt for synthetic technical textiles, or wool, which is making a comeback. They are hotter and dry very quickly.
- 1 short-sleeved t-shirt
- 1 long-sleeved t-shirt (technical fabric)
- 1 polar fleece 
- 1 light down jacket (or a second fleece)
- 1 pair of shorts
- 1 pair of hiking trousers
- 1 pair of hiking socks (technical fabric)
- 1 Goretex jacket (waterproof windbreaker)
- 1 poncho (large rain cover that fits over your pack) or 1 pack cover
- 1 pair of waterproof trousers (although light Gore-tex trousers are expensive, other types of light waterproof trousers will do)
- Sun hat or baseball cap
- 1 warm hat
- 1 pair of gloves
- A change of clothes - t-shirt, underwear & socks (technical fabric)
- 1 pair of long underwear (technical fabric)
- 1 pair of ultra-light shoes (i.e. flip flops, slippers)
- optional : short gators (start of the season)

- Sunglasses
- Sun cream and lip salve
- 1 water bottle (minimum 1 litre but 1.5 litres is better)
- 1 knife
- 1 fork (type "spork")
- 1 pair of telescopic poles
- 1 sleeping bag liner (the lightest and most comfortable is the silk bag)
- Flashlight or headlight
- Personal pharmacy : elastoplast, (stretchable strapping tape), band-aids "second skin" kit, compresses, medicines for common ailments : diarrhea, constipation, sore throat, headaches, pain relief, allergies and any prescribed medication. The mountain leader always carries a first aid kit with them. Remember that packing light is essential.
- Ultralight toiletries, it's up to you to customize! (including technical towel)
- Identification (passport or ID card)
- Money for your personal expenses
- Provide food for 4 meals (picnics, dinner and breakfast). For example: bread, cold meats, ham, cereal bars, hard fruit (apple), seed mixture and at least 2 litres of water.

Our Rental Partners : You can rent your equipment with our rental shops partners and benefit from special price Sanglard Sports, Ravanel & Co & Concept Pro Shop
Our Equipment Partners : Millet, Dynastar, Julbo, Grivel & Monnet



Day 1 : Plaine Joux - Alfred Wills Hut
We meet at Plaine Joux (4,461ft) in the town of Passy for the start of our hike. We reach the famous Lac Vert with it's emerald-coloured water. During our climb to the Chalets d'Ayères (5,380ft), we leave the forrest and reach the pastures where the view of the Mont Blanc Massif is before us. We continue our ascent via a beautiful winding path below the Ayères peaks. We will climb the Anterne pass to overlook the lake of the same name. Behind the lake hides the Alfred Wills hut.

Elevation gain: 3,608 feet - Elevation drop: 656 feet - Distance : 6 miles

Day 2 : Alfred Wills - Chemin des Cascades - Refuge de Sales   
To warm up our legs we start with a climb to the Petit Col d’Anterne (6,686ft). A beautiful descent takes us to the Refuge des Fonts with its gigantic rocky faces. We will cross towards the  the village of Lignon to begin our final climb along the Giffre and its waterfalls leading us to the Sales hut (6,135ft) where we will spend the night.
Elevation gain : 3,937 feet - Elevation drop : 3,608 feet - Distance : 6 miles

Day 3 : Refuge de Sales - Col de la Portette - Plaine Joux
We leave the pastures of Sales and our 4 legged friends and cross the Vallon de Sales. As the path steepens we leave the pastoral landscapes behind and head into a more mineral environment and the home of the Ibex. From the Col de la Portette (7,723ft) the view is sublime over the Aravis and the Platé Desert, a site classified for its geological riches. We descend down onto the Désert de Platé and its colourful, crystalline and arid environment. The view over the Mont-Blanc is quite unique from Platé. After passing in front of the refuge des Platé we continue down until we arrive back at Plaine Joux, the starting point of our journey.  
Elevation gain : 2,132 feet - Elevation drop : 3,937 feet - Distance : 7 miles

The guide may have to adapt the route to weather conditions and/or to group physical and/or technical ability.


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