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Our commitments

Global warming presents us with hard evidence of the Earth’s vulnerability in the face of humanity’s choices. It is the 21st century challenge that necessitates the invention of a new way of living, with the aim of drastically minimising our impact on the world.
The impact of global warming is particularly severe on our mountain environment: dramatic glacial melting, a reduction in snowfall, recurrent rock fall, and the destruction of animal and plant habitats. We must face up to these changes that present a huge challenge to adapt.
On 24 July 2021, our 200th birthday, we created a fund for the environment and mountain wildlife. Its mission is to support environmental initiatives to help make the Mont Blanc area a sustainable and attractive region to visit, and driving force for environmentally responsible behaviour.
Going into the mountains is a real adventure into the heart of an environment whose unpredictable nature requires a certain acceptance of risk. Mountain Guides necessarily delves into the unknown and therefore takes risks. This context can unfortunately lead to accidents with serious consequences.
In the height of summer, events are organised in all of the villages of the Chamonix Valley. These include activities, shows, meetings, talks, parades to celebrate the mountains and those who live and work in them, all in a festive and fun atmosphere. All benefits go to the guides’ emergency fund.

The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix is a non-profit organisation, which brings together mountain guides who are deeply rooted in their local community. The Compagnie des Guides has always been a main actor in developing and structuring the mountain sector.

At the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix, our advisors will share with you their mountain experience to make your dream come true in the best conditions. Our guides are also proper safety experts.

The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix joins together professionals who have turned their passion for the mountains into their own job. This term “Guide” covers different trainings and certificates, which every professional can choose according to his preferences.