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Carbon calculation methods

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The calculation of the carbon footprint of our activities is based on the ADEME (Agence de la Transition Ecologique) methodology. Greenhouse gases (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.) are generally measured in kg CO2 equivalent (kgCO2e), which we simplified in kilogrammes of CO2 (kgCO2).

We considered groups to be at the maximum of their capacity. The carbon footprint of the guide was redistributed among the participants. For each activity, we took into account the carbon footprint from the meeting point to the final point. The emission categories considered were the following.


Our calculations are based on typical mountain meals, including meat, that is 9 kgCO2 per day and per person (breakfast: 5 kgCO2, pic-nic: 2 kgCO2, dinner: 5 kgCO2). Source Agribalyse :


When an activity includes transport, we took into account the means of transport used: minibus, train, bus, taxi, ski lifts… Luggage transport was also considered. Source ADEME (creation of a personal account needed):


We based our calculations on the national average of 1.5 kg of waste per day and per person, that is 0,6 kgCO2 per day and per person. Source ADEME (creation of a personal account needed):


High mountain huts

We calculated the carbon footprint of this type of accommodation on the base of the data collected at the Cosmiques hut, which we manage. We estimated the carbon footprint at 1,5 kgCO2 per night per person. This data includes the helicopter trips for the transport of supplies.

Mid-mountain huts

We estimated the footprint of this accommodation by working out the average between high-mountain huts and valley accommodation, that is 3 kgCO2 per night and per person.

Accommodation in the valley

We took into account the national average for 2-3 star hotels, that is 6 kgCO2 per night and per person. Source ADEME:

Luxury accommodation

For nights in 4-star hotels and more, we considered 30 kgCO2 per night and per person.

Trip from home place

The trip from your home place to the meeting point was not considered for the calculation of the activity footprint. The carbon calculator developed by using the ADEME Open Source allows you to calculate it by choosing a means of transport. You can add several trips in case you use different means of transport. Source ADEME (creation of a personal account needed):