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The wild side of the mountain

compagnie des guides

The wild side of the Mountains

Born 200 years ago, the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix is the inescapable reference for mountain lovers.
Historically focused on mountaineering, the Compagnie has gradually diversified and proposes today a broad choice of activities.

Passionate, seasoned technicians, our job is to enable you to experience a human and sport packed adventure in the wilderness of the mountains.

Follow our guides, away from the crowds and make fresh tracks in some unusual and beautiful locations. Embark on a timeless journey of discovery through untouched mountain landscapes: Vallée Blanche, off-piste skiing, ski touring.

From 105 €

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Experience the stunning heart of the mountains in winter. With the aid of snowshoes, explore some of the valley’s more unfamiliar areas and create an unforgettable holiday with family or friends in a fairy tale setting: day outings, multy-day programs.

From 50 €

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Roped together with your guide, evolve in a universe where glaciers and rocky peaks join together. Experience these exceptional moments in a “world above the world”, an inexhaustible source of energy : ascents, mountaineering courses and trips.

From 105 €

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Supervised by mountain professionals, your children and teenagers will experience winter and summer enriching and unforgettable adventures thanks to our multi-activity programs for juniors aged from 4 to 16 years old : Cham mini wolf, Cham kid, Cham teen.

From 55 €

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Walk through the Alps to discover the incredible diversity of mountain life. Enjoy the exceptional beauty of the mountain landscapes and experience extraordinary moments in untouched mountain environments : day outings, Tour du Mont Blanc, multy-day programs.

From 40 €

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The Chamonix Valley offers sporting and fun activities for the whole family. In the heart of breathtaking landscapes, our outdoor activities will provide you with unforgettable and thrilling adventures: rock climbing, zip-lines, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting.

From 13 €

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Our seminars


A cosy and friendly atmosphere help you get away from it all on this Savoyard soirée

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In all seasons, enjoy a wide range of sporting, playful and contemplative activities.

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Strengthen the bonds between your colleagues in a fun way. Work your way through different workshops!

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Développez votre culture d’entreprise en découvrant le monde de la montagne avec nos guides.

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Not to miss

Explore the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix shop and its great selection of gifts.
Treat yourself or others with our products and accessories!


Explore the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix range of products: T-shirts, caps, keyrings and accessories dedicated to mountain activities.

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Great Gifts

Give an original gift of exploring the mountains with mountain professionals.

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- SINCE 1821 -


The history of the Chamonix Guides Company is closely linked to that of mountaineering. Here are the main periods from the very beginning to today.