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The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix has year-round a wealth of fun outdoor activities on offer for your next family summer holidays in the French Alps. The Chamonix Valley and its famous surrounding peaks and summits, plays host to great outdoor activities and sporting challenges for children and adults.

Our adventure program brings you unforgettable thrills and adventures in the heart of picturesque and breathtaking scenery. Adults and children can enjoy the valley’s stunning mountain torrents and river rapids with white-water sports such as canoeing, water rafting, river boarding and canyoning. The Gaillands leisure park features bungee jumps and giant zip-lines and is also a great place to introduce young children to the fun of rock climbing. The Chamonix valley’s lifts and cable cars allow access for mountain biking in the legendary terrain of the ‘Pays du Mont-Blanc’offering great outdoor trips.

Our mountain guides and climbing instructors, proper outdoor enthusiast, love nature and the great outdoors, and whether you are complete beginners or experienced climbers, they will guarantee your family and friends have an unforgettable outdoor recreation. Enjoy a weekend break exploring the Alps thanks to a whole host of outdoor attractions. Choose from multiple day-trips made for outdoor enthusiasts for great holidays.

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