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Snowshoeing Bivouac escape

Duration: 2 days

Level 1: You have never practiced.

Level 2: You have some initial experience.

Level 3: You practice occasionally.

Level 4: You practice regularly.

Level 5: You have a sustained practice.

Price from: 250€
For more information, contact Pôle Randonnée :
General information

Live a unique experience sleeping under your tent above the Chamonix Valley, at the heart of snowy mountains. Go off the beaten track to rediscover a pristine environment in a Great North-like atmosphere. Enjoy a timeless escape in front of the Mont-Blanc Massif. Immerse yourself in the everyday life of a trapper living in the wild. The expertise of your guide will allow you to return to the origins in all simplicity and live in complete autonomy. This trip is for people wishing to leave the atypical experience of sleeping under a tent in the winter, while taking advantage of professional advice. It also combines a discovery of the fauna and the local heritage. Thanks to our partner Samaya, all the bivouac equipment is at your disposal to keep you warm and to make the most of this extraordinary night. All snowshoeing trips by the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix are for small groups of 8 people maximum. In this way, our guides will be at your complete service, guaranteeing a high quality trip.

This bivouac is part of a series of trips featuring overnight stays in a bivouac, providing an extraordinary experience deep in the heart of the mountains. With snowshoes, you can fully immerse yourself in the daily life of a trapper, or opt for a cozy evening in an igloo. Alternatively, spend a night as close as possible to the stars on a glacier or during a wild hike.

Group booking

Group session associate several people who don't know each other. It allows for a planned program to benefit from an attractive price on fixed dates. This formula is ideal for people looking for the friendliness of a group.

Dates : See below for the group booking module

Price 2024 : 260€ per person based on minimum 4 participants

This price includes :
- organisation and mountain leader guiding service
- bivouac kit : tent, sleeping bag, stove, cutlery
- dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks
- public transports
- snowshoes, poles, avalanche transceiver (DVA), shovel and probe

This price does not include :
- transport to the meeting point
- drinks (make sure you have at least 2 litres of water)
- repatriation insurance (mandatory)
- anything not mentioned in « included in the price »


Private booking

Private booking is the historical relationship that binds a guide to his/her client. It allows you to be alone, or in a constituted group, with your guide that meets your specific needs. It is undoubtedly the ideal formula to realize your projects because it guarantees you a maximum of comfort. You are free to choose your departure date (depending on the availability of the huts) and the itinerary can be adjusted, according to your specific expectations.

Prices 2024 :
1 person : 1135€ per person
2 people : 605€ per person
3 people : 425€ par person
4 people : 340€ par person
5 people : 285€ par person
6 people : 250€ par person

The price includes :
- organisation and mountain leader guiding service
- bivouac kit : tent, sleeping bag, stove, cutlery
- dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks
- public transports
- snowshoes, poles, avalanche transceiver (DVA), shovel and probe

Not included in the price :
- drinks (make sure you have at least 2 litres of water)
- repatriation insurance (mandatory)
- anything not mentioned in « included in the price »


Further information

Find in this in this section, all the information about this activity. For any further information please contact our advisors (contact details above).

Meeting point : Meet at 12.30 pm in front of the Compagnie des Guides in Chamonix. Return around 12.00 pm the following day

Ability level : 1/5 - Discovery special. No previous experience requested. 2 to 3-hour hike with average vertical gain between 200 m and 400 m

Guiding policy : group from 4 to 6 people. The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix's guiding policy guarantees a high level experience. Children minimum 12 years old accompanied by a parent

Accommodation : night under the tent

Documentation : Participants must have an insurance with repatriation cover. Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. You can take out insurance offering both of these types of cover when you sign up

Preparing for the trip : one week before the trip, the mountain guide will be in contact to answer any questions you may have


We recommend you to pay particular attention to the choice of your equipment. It contributes greatly to the success of your stay. Weight is decisive: you always have to evaluate the ratio weight/comfort, to find the best compromise. In a general way, it is better to pile up several light coats rather than wear one big clothing.

Hiking boots 
- Boots for snowshoeing should be warm and waterproof. They should also provide high ankle support. New boots should be worn a couple of times before.
- If your feet tend to get blisters easily, you can apply baby talc on dry feet in the morning before wearing your socks.

- Minimum size 40 L (a back-pack with extra room is better than too small).
- Once everything is packed, make sure there is enough room to fit your picnic lunch.
- Although backpack covers are very convenient in bad weather, we recommend using a very large plastic bag as a pack-liner to protect your personal belongings from getting wet.

Underwear : avoid using cotton. Compared to technical synthetic material, it is heavier and it dries slowly. Wool is also getting popular amongst sportswear brands. Synthetic and wool are warmer ; they dry fast, and allow you to pack light.

Carrying weight
Taking enough time to pack is essential, as you are going to carry every item for several days in a row. Avoiding extra weight can easily be done by packing your clothes tightly, placing heavy items at the bottom of the pack, and avoiding empty spaces. As a result weight is better spread throughout your back and weight impression diminished).

Daily needs
- 1 synthetic long-sleeve shirt,
- 1 light polar fleece,
- 1 pair of Goretex pants, 1 long synthetic underwear to wear under your trousers,
- 1 a pair of wool socks,
- 1 Goretex jacket,
- 1 pair of fleece gloves, 1 pair of mittens, 1 pair of silk gloves,
- 1 warm hat, a scarf or neck warmer,
- 1 water bottle (1.5 quart, to 2 quarts minimum) isothermal if possible,
- 1 pocket knife + 1 « spork »,
- Cap or sun-hat and sunglasses (category # 3 minimum), sunscreen (face and lips),
- a camera and a pair of binoculars (optional).

What you need for the entire trip
- Down jacket or warm polar fleece,
- long underwear or sweat pants for the evening,
- changes of clothes: (T-shirt, underwear and socks) prefer synthetic to cotton,
- Pocket light or head lamp,
- Individual first aid kit *,
- Ultra-light shower kit (feel free to customize …) + synthetic « dry fast » towel,
- 1 one-person sleep-sheet (silk is the most comfortable and remains the lightest),
- ID card or passport + spare change for personal expenses + paper tissues and toilet paper,
- gaiters (recommended if your Goretex pants don’t have a boot-skirt).
- enough food for 4 meals (picnic, dinner and breakfast). eg : bread, dried meat, ham, cereal bars, hard fruit (apple), grain and nut mix and at least 2 litres of water.

* Elastoplast (stretchable strapping tape), band-aids, second skin, medicine for common aches and pains (diarrhea, headaches, sore throat…).  Don’t forget to bring personal prescription treatment if you have one. Mountain leaders also carry a complete first aid kit.

Our Rental Partners : You can rent your equipment with our rental shops partners and benefit from special price Sanglard Sports, Ravanel & Co & Concept Pro Shop
Our Equipment Partners : Millet, Dynastar, Julbo, Grivel & Monnet



Day 1 : Into the wild
After a short trip by public transport from Chamonix in the middle of the day, we take the direction of the Chailloux pastures (1 400m). Our hike starts on the heights of la Flatière. During our walk, we look for the perfect camping spot to sleep comfortably. After a friendly evening listening to nature around the campfire, it is time for a cosy sleep under the stars.

Day 2 : Smooth way back
Wake up in front of the sun in your sleeping bag and enjoy the beginning of a new day. Without leaving any trace, we take down our tents and go back to the valley. We use this time to observe animal tracks witnessing their discreet presence. Make your way back to Chamonix in the middle of the afternoon.

The guide may have to adapt the route to weather conditions and/or to group physical and/or technical ability


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