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Teen ages 14-18

The Cham Teens, designed for teenagers aged 14 to 18, is a blend of winter and summer activities that are decidedly sporty with a genuine focus on safety.

Our program ensures a unique experience for your children amidst the mountains, featuring mountaineering, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, white-water rafting, and skiing. Our outings combine the thrill of adventure with a rigorous approach to safety. Each day is collaboratively designed, developed in partnership with your children to provide them with enough freedom while guiding them in decision-making. The Cham Teens goes beyond a mere sports adventure; it's a great opportunity for your adolescents to strengthen their confidence, foster teamwork, encourage respect for others, and awareness of risks, representing a significant step towards adulthood!

Our summer camp for teenagers, with nights in a refuge, offers a distinctive experience blending hiking and mountaineering in the high mountains. Your adolescents will fully embrace each moment while benefiting from attentive supervision focused on safety, creating indelible memories and nurturing their passion for adventure and the mountains. These memorable experiences will contribute to the personal development of your children, preparing them to face life's challenges.

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Winter sporting activities for teenagers ages 14-18 featuring avalanche rescue, ski touring ice climbing and snowshoeing

Price from: 130€

Summer sporting activities for teenagers ages 14-18 featuring white water activities, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering

Price from: 109€

Advanced rock climbing course combining bouldering and cliff climbing

Price from: 435€

Mountain camp for teenagers ages 14-18 including hiking and mountaineering on glacier with nights in mountain refuges

Price from: 960€