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200 years of history

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200 years of history 1821-2021 - Next year, 2021, the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix celebrates 200 years of its history.

A story of solidarity. The Chamonix Compagnie des Guides was built upon mutual assistance and, 200 years later, that spirit and those values are as relevant today as ever. The history of alpinism is one of shared mountains, outstretched hands, a guiding rope, and communal effort.

A story of alpinism. The Chamonix Compagnie des Guides created the legend of alpinism, and it is as flamboyant as it is tragic. The Compagnie’s guides devised unusual technical solutions and achieved some remarkable feats, illustrating the courage and inventiveness of men pitted against hostile elements.

A story of challenges. The Chamonix Compagnie des Guides closely observes the great environmental and societal challenges facing us through the magnifying glass of the mountains. If the profession of mountain guide has been transformed and the clients have changed, the essence of the craft itself is immutable.

A story of the future. The Chamonix Compagnie des Guides draws on its dynamic values to invent the profession of mountain guide for the next 200 years. Mountain guides continue to open doors to untouched natural environments, taming the vertical and defending freedom.

A story of Men. The Compagnie’s guides don’t move mountains and they don’t engrave their stories on the granite. They are happy to inspire souls and allow men to rise and grow.


A page to guide you.

“Remember our roots and respond to current issues.”

The celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Chamonix Compagnie des Guides and the profession of mountain guide are now officially launched.

Explore our history, the evolution of our profession and our various strategies and activities to respond to current challenges. Join us for some unforgettable experiences, blending modernity with tradition, now and into 2021. Let yourself be guided by this 200th anniversary page to follow our activities, news and events up to 15 August 2021.

This page will be regularly updated.


Our 200th anniversary celebrations and output are based around four themes, and will feature regular articles, photos and videos.

Events : Join in our events! From Chamonix to the city, until 2021, come and enjoy some unforgettable moments at our events and activities!

- History : Discover and evoke the moments, values and people who founded the Compagnie and continue to nurture its legend to this day.

- Environment : 200 years of our guides and clients progressing through an extraordinary natural environment. Together we can preserve its fragility and beauty.

- Partners : Follow and explore the communication tools and partners that allow the Compagnie, 200 years on, to reach and summit the peaks of the world.