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Your safety : our priority

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Safety first

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At the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix, all our advisors are specialists in their own domain. Native from the valley, or mountain enthusiasts, they are committed to accompany you throughout your project. Our advisors will share their expertise and mountain experience to make your dream come true, in the best conditions. We consider that a warm welcome and quality advice are also part of your safety, allowing you to choose the activity which best suits you. 

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At the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix, our advisors will share with you their mountain experience to make your dream come true in the best conditions. Our guides are also proper safety experts. 

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Notre priorité : votre sécurité

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Continuous training

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Our guides are trained following the highest standards, making them proper safety experts. In France, the practice of the profession of mountain guide is ruled by the state. Every 6 years, a mandatory refresher course guarantees the consistency of guides’ skills over time. The Compagnie also encourages its guides to take part in complementary trainings, such as first aid, avalanche risk management, group management or stress management. 

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The mountains impose their own rules

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Adapting to mountain conditions is the essence of mountain guiding since its creation. In the context of global warming, this ability - based on the perfect knowledge of the mountains and a hyper-flexibility - is more vital than ever. In order to maximise your safety, we can modify consistently the logistics or programme of your activity, sometimes last minute. 

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La montagne impose sa loi